The 40th Annual California State Homebrew Competition

The San Francisco Homebrewers Guild thanks all the participants, judges & helpers for putting on a great 2018 CA State Homebrew Competition

Congratulations to the 2018 Winners! Stay tuned for information on 2019's contest information.

2018 winners:

Chris Clark Best of Show, Doppelbock
Brett Higham Sierra Nevada Homebrewer of the Year
SoCal Cerveceros Anchor California Homebrew Club of the Year

About the SoCal Cerveceros:

“We went from obscure local group, to the “largest Latino homebrew club in the country,” all while utilizing our craft to help support local nonprofits, generate business for a local HBS, contribute to the growing diversity in the beer industry and promote this awesome hobby of Homebrewing.

The SoCal Cerveceros Homebrew Club was started in 2015, with just seven guys in a garage. In 2016, we grew to nine and in 2017 we had close to a dozen brewers, including our first woman member! At the start of 2018 we set out to actively recruit new and seasoned brewers alike, with extra focus on women and people of color. Today our membership stands at 85, with 20 of those members being women. Six of which are seasoned brewers and 14 are first time homebrewers. That’s an estimated 73 new members in 2018 alone!”

Full List of 2018 Winners!